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Transition Stories

Not One, But Two Jobs

Josh* has never quite fit in – at home or at school. He struggles with social interactions when around his peers, and his situation at home was another story. He often had arguments with family members and became restless from being at home all the time. His mother was frustrated because he was at home too much just playing computer games.

Wanting a fresh start, Josh and his mother met up with a Geneva Elevator transition specialist. Josh showed an interest in the food industry but wasn’t sure which specific area to head in to. 

Josh first got some work experience at his local New World supermarket. He started off with simple jobs such as moving around the trolleys. He soon became a paid employee and now works in the deli section of the supermarket three days a week. In this role he has learnt to measure the deli foods and serve customers. It is a hands-on job which suits him in every way.

When this job proved to be a success, Josh went back to Geneva Elevator wanting to look for a second job to keep him busy. The transition specialist found another job within the food industry, this time at a restaurant. In this role, Josh washes the dishes, orders the food and serves customers. His family life is much better now that he is out of the house more often and has not just one but two jobs. He has learnt how to deal with situations where he must speak to new people which is helping his social skills every day. 

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons 


Kids Extraordinaire 

Jean* has always wanted a job where she could be around children. Having been born with a learning disability it was going to be difficult for her to gain the credentials to become qualified. Together with a Geneva Elevator transition specialist, she and Jean looked around for some basic primary teaching courses which Jean would be able to take. After a couple of days in the course, Jean’s low level of literacy skills meant she struggled a lot and was pulled out of the course. Jean and the transition specialist went back to the drawing board to come up with some other ideas.

The transition specialist found a kindergarten where Jean could get some work experience. Jean really loved hanging out with the kids. She was in a career area of her choice, however she felt out of place and left this work experience.

Jean and the transition specialist went back to the ideas and planning stage of the transition process. This ‘back-and-forth’ situation can happen often with the Geneva Elevator transition specialists because they want to make sure the candidate is happy and fits in well with his / her new environment. The transition specialist soon found Jean some work looking after kids at an after-school care.

Jean now works two days a week during the school term at the after-school care at a primary school. What worked out really well in this case was that there was little literacy skills needed for the job. Jean was able to do her job of looking after the kids without needed to stress over doing the paper work and admin side of the job. 

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons 


All Things Cute and Fluffy 

Since leaving school, Lucy* has always known she wanted to work with animals. She is a slow learner. From when she first met with a transition specialist at Geneva Elevator, her interest in all things cute and fluffy was clear from the start. Finding a job within the animal industry is difficult for anyone because experience and a certain level of maturity are needed. But this didn’t stop Lucy and the transition specialist from looking for either work experience or, more importantly, a paid job.

In a very rare case of coincidence, a job was opening at a pet shop which would be in an ideal location for Lucy. She first got a taste as to what the job would entail with a bit of experience and really enjoyed it. What she now does in her new job is cleaning out the cages, feeding the animals and interacts with customers. Lucy loves being around the animals all day and is very pleased with her job.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons 



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